Precision Home Blood Sampling Technologies

With their standardized, microsystem based sampling technology, Capitainer SE have developed a groundbreaking solution for blood sampling of volume defined Dried Blood Spots (DBS). Patients are able to conveniently collect their own blood samples at home and mail them to a laboratory for analysis using an innovative DBS card that allows the sampling of an exact volume of blood regardless of the sample’s hematocrit.

Patients simply place a drop of blood on the DBS card which automatically fills a microchannel with the required amount and discards excess blood. This ensures that the blood sample always corresponds exactly with the required amount. The blood volume in the microchannel is automatically transferred to a pre-punched DBS paper, forming an accurate and high-quality dried blood spot sample, preserved for quantitative analysis. The potential for human error is eliminated almost completely.

Product characteristics

  • Proven technology
  • Passive, yet precise blood collection with defined volume – without additional steps in the laboratory
  • Exact volume due to hematocrit independent method
  • Easy to use – convenient quantitative blood collection from the finger tip
  • No cold chain required – shipping can be done by regular mail

A significant and growing number of analytes has already been validated on DBS. This is particularly important for patients requiring continuous therapeutic drug monitoring. The Capitainer blood collection devices make clinical care more flexible and allow a higher collection frequency. At the same time, they simplify individual monitoring for personalized therapy-accompanying diagnostics.