ARK Diagnostics

ARK Diagnostics designs, manufactures, and distributes in vitro diagnostic products. ARK’s proprietary assays accurately measure drug levels in biological fluids. Clinicians use these measurements to guide dosing decisions for safe, effective, and personalized drug therapy. By optimizing drug levels, clinicians improve outcomes, reduce toxicity, and lower healthcare costs. ARK is dedicated to improving the quality of patient health through better therapeutic drug management.

Specialty Diagnostix Partner


Immunalysis develops, manufactures and markets immunoassay reagents for the screening of Drugs of Abuse and other small molecules in a variety of biological matrices. The company draws upon its expertise in organic chemistry, immunology, biochemistry, assay development and quality control, to supply immunoassay reagents and validated automation options. This combination provides a forensic toxicologist with powerful complete drug screening solutions to meet the challenges demanded by alternative matrices.

Specialty Diagnostix Partner

Capitainer SE

With its universally applicable DBS precision sampling technologies, the Swedish start-up Capitainer SE aims to improve healthcare outcomes for everyone. The company’s vision is to provide precision sampling devices for DBS that are the trusted choice of professionals and patients in laboratory, point of care and home sampling worldwide. The Capitainer products will facilitate and secure the entire user journey, offering a truly safe and simple service for all stakeholders who are in contact with the product – service supplier, patient, health care provider and lab.

Arvato Healthcare

Arvato Healthcare provides customer support and logistics services to Specialty Diagnostix for Europe, the Middle East and other markets. Arvato’s business model provides customer support on several different levels: High quality, sustainable logistic services are complemented with integrated, technical solutions. And finally, as a strategic logistic service partner, they help their customers to optimize core processes in a way that creates new values. Arvato’s global network extends to over 40 countries.