Your Partner for novel, lab-based clinical diagnostic assays and quality controls

Specialty Diagnostix is dedicated to the marketing and distribution of novel, laboratory based assays. Joining forces with strong and innovative partners such as Immunalysis Corporation and ARK Diagnostics Inc., Capitainer AB, Kura® biotech, Breath Explor, and Saladax Biomedical Inc. Specialty Diagnostix is setting new standards by providing leading edge immunoassays in the area of Drugs of Abuse Screening and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Our three keys to success include:

Innovation: Development of novel immunoassays to help in the clinical diagnosis of emerging new therapeutic drugs and to challenge the constant output of new recreational drugs on the illicit market.

Expertise: Three decades and more of expertise in the field of Drugs of Abuse Testing and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Flexibility: Tests for a variety of biological sample matrices – urine, oral fluid and blood

Our business is focused on providing products to hospitals, private laboratories and other institutions and on supporting global business development for our partners. Commercial operations are centered in Passau, Germany for Europe and Sydney, Australia for Asia Pacific.

We are currently active in 25 markets, directly serving 15 European and Asia Pacific countries with our experienced commercial teams.