In communication networks, a node (Latin: nodus, ‘knot’) is defined as a connection point, either a redistribution point or a communication endpoint.

The Specialty Diagnostix Node, or SD-Node for short, is a repository of knowledge, information, and data. This intranet solution is a valuable resource for our registered Specialty Diagnostix customers.

Key Characteristics

  • Convenient online tool to improve information management for our registered customers
  • Download of CoAs, PIs, MSDS, and other support documents
  • Streamlining of document distribution to provide immediate access from anywhere in the world
  • Easy navigation, intuitive user surface
  • Each document shows the date when it has been uploaded


You are able to quickly access documents required for the efficient running of your day-to-day lab routine, such as Certificates of Analysis, Package Inserts or Material Safety Data Sheets.

Register now and gain access to the SD-Node to discover the World of Specialty Diagnostix.