Each year, the national experts on drug-related issues within the member states of the European Union are requested to generate a report on their specific national drugs situation. These reports are submitted to the EMCDDA and form the basis of their “European Drug Report”. The reports follow the guidelines provided by EMCDDA and usually contain data on drug policy, drug use in the general population, prevention, high risk drug use, drug-related treatment, health consequences, drug-related crime, drug markets, etc.

You will find the complete “European Drug Report” under in the “European” directory. Below, we have listed individual reports for several countries. The PDFs may be downloaded. The Reports for Germany and Austria are listed in the German language version of this website, the Report for France, similarly, in the French version.

National Drug Report Luxembourg

The aim of this 2014 edition of the national report on the state of the drug problem in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is to describe the framework in which drug use and drug trafficking evolve at the national level by providing a comprehensive overview of historical developments and recent trends.

Belgian National Report on Drugs

The Belgian Report provides current data on new trends and developments of drugs of abuse and the so-called “legal highs” for Belgium.

The Netherlands Drug Situation 2014

This is the final report approved by the Scientific Committee of the Netherlands National Drug Monitor of the current drug situation in the Netherlands.

National Reitox Report Ireland 2014

This report provides an overview of the new developments and trends in the drugs area in Ireland for 2013 and, in some cases, for the first six months of 2014.

National REITOX Report United Kingdom 2014

This report provides comprehensive information on the drug situation in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.